What could the next big fashion trend be post-coronavirus/revolution? The mere thought of a new fashion statement spewing from the massive effects of a global pandemic and a national revolution is exciting, to say the least. Social distancing measures have made people paranoid to the idea that face masks and gloves are not just necessary accessories in clothing, but mandatory in the fact that they help prevent people from contracting the novel virus. These two accessories complement each other so well that they can be paired with anything from date night, to a long day at the office. Masks have also played a part in pushing forward the message that peace only comes to those who seek it with open hearts and open minds. Companies put out designs to rep their agenda, or just to aid in making sure that they are recognized in the fight for peace.
Perhaps another accessory added to the wardrobe wouldn’t hurt. One so ubiquitous that it assumes any and every personality given to it. The “Apron!” Imagine bumping into a crowd of people daily on the way to an activity, hands covered to protect from touching surfaces, and mouth covered from releasing saliva into spaces. You’d be safe for the most part! However, there is no protection for the actual clothing. A stylish and well-thought-out apron could solve that little problem. It would allow protection for the clothing while giving an added sophistication to the overall look. Members of the workforce use it and depending on where you look, an apron soundly distinguishes the cool people from the novices.
The idea is to look and feel seasoned while proactively covering yourself against an infectious disease that tends to hang around in clothing after an experience with the outside world. The whole cover-up is practical and sexy when done right. Many of us love men/women in uniforms because they bring a sense of security that we find sexy (if you’re into all that), so do we also appreciate an apron-wearing employee because we can say without any doubt that they know where stuff is. Make that philosophy accessible to the masses and we might just be encouraged to seek a little more knowledge in the world.
That’s a major point here. Our appearance isn’t just a representation of our presence in society, but also a reflection of how we hope ourselves to be seen. A stylish, well thought out apron would do the trick. Covered from the chest to the knees, or just from the waist down, there is a statement to be said about a stunning man/woman walking down the street wearing an apron. Let’s do the apron thing, together!

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