I, Sir Clement of the Neverland Valley
hereby invite thee, Lady Helena of the 
Pegasus Mansion to do me the honor 
of cohabitation.

You and I my Lady
are like two distinct colors
unique in their own way
but when united, bring to life an energy like no other

one so captivating
that everyone and everything around us feel 
its futuristic power.

I do not fancy myself a flashy Baron
nor do I boast of extravagance 
but what I carry with me is ambition and drive
as bright as the mid afternoon light.

Being in your presence my fair Lady
has been the greatest thing of my existence
and I hope to someday repay your generosity
with the diamonds of life that you so deserve.

your head is as big as the next best thing that cannot 
be described because of its magnitude, but with it
all the knowledge, compassion, reason, and wit are
within its spacious design.

your massive nose
inhale the gift of this precious planet
and in return, you bless the earth with the life it requires to 
stay pure and green. All the more reason why this world 
is happy to have you.

I have now forgotten my reasoning behind this letter
as my ribs have started to hurt of laughter
but all remain the same
If I ever have the chance and opportunity to live 
alongside a Queen, it would be you my Lady.
For however long time and circumstances shall let me.

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